Toshiba Tecra A50-C1520 crash issue

Toshiba Tecra A50-C1520 is a very good laptop and crash problems are not normal for this laptop. So if you have problems with: laptop is freeze, freezing issue, crash to desktop, crash before starting windows, only black screen and vents issue, cannot start up, Toshiba Tecra A50-C1520 crashing problems and more, then you need to follow our guide

How to fix crashing issue (crash solutions)

If your laptop can be started and windows can be used, first we recommend to install these drivers to avoid crashing and freeze:

1. Download chipset driver from here.

1. Download VGA video driver from here.

Solution 2.

1. First step and easier, be sure that your windows and registry have no errors

 Windows and Registry Cleaner 

2. Now you need to check your hard drive for errors

 Fix bad sectors for HDD 

 See more tutorials or get more drivers 

Additional fixes and advices

1. Remove laptop battery for 60 seconds, put the battery back and try again

2. Remove laptop battery and plug the power cord and try without battery (if working, that`s mean your battery if broken)

How to fix a broken accumulator / laptop battery ?


Well, actualy you can`t if is too broken

But you can try to:

1. Shut Down your laptop

2. Remove battery for 30 seconds and put it back

3. Connect power and DO NOT start your laptop

4. After one hour, remove power cord for 60 seconds and then connect power again

5. Do the same for 3 times and then let him for 12 hours plugged in.

That was all you can do.

Toshiba Tecra A50-C1520 crash issue how to fix blue screen crash or black screen crash problems or cannot install anything solutions

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Guide created by Sorin B. Sorinu on: 2016-01-20


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