NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T router for fastest internet connection. If you just bought this NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T amazing router, then you need some help to configure internet connection right ? First, you need to connect it to internet (follow guide from bellow) and then download latest firmware from here or use update firmware from router menu.

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T: How to connect internet

1. Type on your browser. (google chrome is recommended by us)

if for some reasons, that ip is not working, try

2. Now your should see log in screen

Type there user and password (read from book, box or directly from router case)

Usualy is user admin and password 1234 (but you should look for login details if not working)

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T: Anyway, for this router, user is ubnt and pass ubnt

Remember ! Your router will work normaly but if you have latest firmware installed, your router will be more faster and more stable so download the firmware from above !


My example: (this is not NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T menu, is just an example to have a idea what to do next)


3. Now look in router menu for wizard, wizards, automatic setup or setup

All right, if the setup has begun, you need to choose:

PPPoE and type there your details

What to type ?

Read the contract from your internet provider or call him to tell you user and password for internet.

What setting is good to be done ? for NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T ?

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T Enable the DHCP server (to have multiple ip`s for your smartphone, smart tv or laptops)

How to update firmware

Look for NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T Firmware. Tools, Advanced or Updates

Now, first check if you have automaticaly upgrade button and press it, update the firmware and is done.

If the firmware cannot be updated automaticaly, you need to do this manualy

How to manualy upgrade NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T router firmware

Look for Firmware upgrade and you will find Browse... and or upload buttons

1. Press Browse and locate the folder where you have the new upated firmware downloaded !

(should be in Downloads maybe ? if not, use search)

Then just wait for router to upload it and then just follow screen instructions !

And here is just an example to have an ideas

That was all, Good Luck !

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 CMD31T How to download new firmware driver and how to set up for first time

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Created and edited by author: Sorin B. Sorinu on: 2016-01-20


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